Popular software hosting and collaboration platform GitHub has made some of its core premium features free for everyone. The Microsoft-owned company said yesterday that an organization can now make private repositories for development without paying any fees.

Up until now, if a firm wanted to host its private development on GitHub, it had to subscribe to one of the premium plans starting from $7 a month. Last year, the company made private repositories available for the free tier, users but with restrictions such as the number of collaborators.

Apart from private repository access, a team can also get 2,000 GitHub action minutes per month at no cost. Actions is GitHub’s automation tool offering which lets applications orchestrate any workflow based on an event — like sending a notification. So, the free tier offering is ideal for small-scale projects.

Currently, GitHub has more than 40 million developers on the platform, and it aiming 100 million developers by 2025. Making premium features available for everyone without cost can be a step in the right direction to achieve that number.